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10 Most Insane Movie Leaks Ever

Way back in 2005, on the day of its world premiere, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith was leaked online and downloaded around 16,000 times before police swiftly caught the culprit, an employee of MGM who leaked it after being given a copy by a friend who worked for the film’s production. In the end, 8 people were arrested and faced up to three years in prison, although their guilty pleas cut their sentencing down to a month behind bars.

The film still enjoyed massive success, because, hey, it’s Star Wars. Seeing it in the theater is a major part of the experience for the fans. Perhaps the low number of times it was leaked shows how little interest fans have of watching a new Star Wars film on their computer screens. Despite this, it was a huge embarrassment for Fox and Lucas Film, especially given how much effort they put into keeping spoilers off the internet.