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10 Movie Bands We Really Wish Were Real

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains follows rebellious teen Corinne (a 14-year-old Diane Lane) and her titular, all-female punk band’s rise to stardom.

This group of rebellious youngsters are the unfiltered essence of the punk movement, with their music amplifying their radical message.

They can barely play their instruments at their first show (supporting a small-time punk band portrayed by members of Sex Pistols and The Clash), but they couldn’t care less. In fact, when the group is jeered Corrine scalds the women in the crowd, calling them “suckers” before encouraging them to be themselves.

This is their call to arms to start a musical rebellion, with tracks like “Waste of Time” and “The Professionals” being their riotous anthems for revolution.

Even the film’s production was anarchic. It took two years to complete the ending due to disagreements between director Lou Adler and writer Nancy Dowd. Upon its eventual release the film faded into obscurity, but was later embraced by the underground cult scene through late night TV and bootleg tapes.

However, The Stains’ most notable legacy is how this fictional band inspired the real-life Riot Grrl scene. Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, and Courtney Love have all cited this band as inspirations.