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10 Movie Roles Obviously Designed For Other Actors

In recent years, Cameron Crowe has admitted that his first choice to play conflicted sports agent Jerry Maguire would have been Tom Hanks, not Tom Cruise. In fact, the role was specifically written with Hanks in mind.

However, at the time - a year before shooting was due to begin - Hanks was focused on developing his directorial debut, That Thing You Do!, and had to pass. The role ended up going to Cruise, who spent the next nine months developing the part with Crowe.

The result is iconic, and it might be hard now to imagine anyone else playing the role... except for the fact that Maguire's whole feel-good character arc is quintessentially 1990s Tom Hanks: the cynic with a soft heart, the good guy in a rough patch who just needs the right inspiration to come out on top.

Sandwiched between 1993's Sleepless In Seattle and 1998's You've Got Mail, Jerry Maguire is exactly the kind of movie that Hanks was making at that time.