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10 Scariest Sci-Fi Movie Endings Ever

12 Monkeys revolves around a virus that killed 99% of humanity, forcing the survivors to send a man named Cole back in time to prevent it from happening. Throughout his mission, Cole keeps having flashbacks of a childhood memory where he witnessed a man being shot dead at an airport.

In the final scene, Cole discovers the man who will unleash the virus while at an airport. As Cole is about to kill him, he is shot by a police officer. Just before he dies, he looks to the crowd and sees himself as a child. Before passing away, Cole acknowledges that the man he saw being shot when he was a kid was actually himself.

This ending is disturbing for multiple reasons. First off, Cole failed to stop the virus from wiping out humanity. Also, this conclusion proves Cole is a victim of predestination. In layman's terms, the timestream is set so Cole never have altered the past. And to top it all off, Cole is stuck in a paradoxical time loop where he must watch himself die for all eternity.