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10 Upcoming Movies That Are In Big Trouble

On paper the upcoming Flash solo movie seems like a total slam dunk - a time travel-centric superhero film which will use its multiversal shenanigans to bring both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck's renditions of Batman into the fold.

This has the potential to be the Spider-Man: No Way Home of the DC Extended Universe, basically, and though shooting wrapped many months ago, Warner Bros. faces a major PR hurdle with its problematic lead actor Ezra Miller.

Miller's personal conduct has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months following a series of physical altercations which led to the actor being arrested twice in Hawaii within the span of three weeks.

Given the serious nature of the accusations, Warner Bros.' marketing campaign for the film will be tricky, perhaps causing the studio to focus instead on Keaton and Affleck rather than Miller, whose presence alone will shine an unsavoury light on the project.

Though there were rumours that Warner Bros. was considering replacing Miller with Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien, this was speedily debunked, and given the massive costs it would incur to replace Miller - not to mention pushing the oft-delayed project back yet again - it's not really feasible anyway.

The studio is presumably hoping that Miller will keep a low-profile between now and when the movie releases next June, and that the public outrage about his behaviour will have subsided somewhat.

If not, and Warner Bros. is forced to market the film around Miller, its box office could suffer considerably.