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10 Worst Netflix Movies

Coming out just one year after the release of the smash hit horror film A Quiet Place, it's easy to write off The Silence as just being an Asylum style ripoff of the much more famous film, seeing as how the plots are near identical.

But the truth is that it isn't... because comparing it to Asylum would be an insult to Asylum.

See, Asylum at least makes their ripoff movies with a degree of self awareness and makes them goofy fun that you can riff on with your friends. That's a valuable service! But The Silence isn't just a ripoff of A Quiet Place, it's one that takes out everything that made that movie work, and just comes out the other end soul crushingly boring.

You will not remember a thing about this movie the minute you click back to the browsing page. Hell, you may even make the mistake of clicking on it again thinking you haven't seen this movie before, only to realize that not only have you seen it before, you've made the same mistake hundreds of times before in a never-ending loop and the FBI has written you off for dead.