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11 Best New Horror Movies For Halloween 2021

It’s a horror movie that is sort of about other horror movies, need I say more?

Yes actually, I probably should give you a few more details…

Censor is set during the infamous age of the video-nasty. Protagonist Enid works for the British Board of Film Classification, and is known for being particularly picky and strict on what films get through her filters.

Enid is a troubled woman, her sister went missing when she was young and ever since she has been convinced that she is still alive, just not yet returned. When she sees an actress in one of the films she’s censoring that looks remarkably like her missing sister, she starts spiralling.

People have been raving about the great performances and its stylistic choices. Neo-Giallo is becoming ever more popular as today’s big horror directors draw inspiration from it, and this dark and twisted story is another interesting addition to the subgenre.

When a character’s whole life revolves around horror movies, you wouldn’t expect that her own life could be more messed up than the movies she watches.