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15 Action Films From The 1980s You Must Watch

This list kicks things off with one of the most iconic characters in movie history. Bond. James Bond.

This was Roger Moore’s fifth outing as the MI6 agent and it turned out to be one of his most successful, as it generated over $195 million at the box office and became the second highest grossing Bond film after its predecessor, Moonraker.

For Your Eyes Only marked the return to a more grounded, realistic approach to the Bond narratives as 007 must locate a missile command system while fighting off the interests of two rival businessmen and aid a woman seeking to avenge the murder of her parents.

As for the action, it has everything you could ask for from a Bond film. Car chases. Beautiful and exotic locations. New and ingenious gadgets. A deadly advisory that puts Bond’s skills to the test, and a climactic final act where our hero breaks into the villain's main stronghold and emerges victorious.

It is a very satisfying film that will give fans of the Bond series a major nostalgia kick, while also giving newcomers the perfect idea of what to expect from future James Bond films.