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15 Must-See Blumhouse Movies

While Blumhouse has given us plenty of awesomeness, they are also unfortunately the ones who gave the world Paranormal Activity. Still, it's not entirely bad news, since there is one good movie in the franchise. Weirdly enough, it's the third one.

Full of effective jump scares and genuine tension, Paranormal Activity 3 is certainly a well-executed horror film, however thin the plot might be. It's particularly memorable for having one of the cameras panning back and forth on a rotating fan arm rather than simply being static as normal, which allows for some great shocks.

This is a horror sequel that not only didn't suck but also surpassed both its predecessors and it's also a found-footage horror film that was actually scary. Paranormal Activity 3 might not be a great film, but it certainly deserves recognition for that.