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20 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984)

Commander Kruge is, above all things, a lover of wildlife. He shows this by attempting to give one of the giant microbes on the Genesis Planet a hug - only for it to swiftly try and kill him. However, his faithful dog remains by his side for most of the film.

While it's unclear if Fifi Robozo, as the model was named by the crew, was meant to be a Targ, it was definitely meant to be the captain's mascot. It was and was always intended to be, a disgusting creature. The mouth was operated by spring -oaded jaws, with Ken Ralston's hand working the mechanics. Three other operators were hidden from view to move the rest of the model.

Clumps of torn wigs were stuck to it using spray adhesive, while it was sprayed with water just before filming to give it a slimier, more menacing feel. One part of the model that specifically did not move were the ears. The crew felt that it would make this fearsome animal cute and opted to leave them static.

Even the dead Fifi had the last laugh though. A separate corpse model was created for its rather pathetic death scene, but Ralston opted to simply use the same model again.

Robozo may not have been pretty, but he sure did get his screen time.