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Army Of The Dead: 10 Most Savage Deaths Ranked

All of that work for nothing.

Kate Ward's entire reason for following her father into the zombie-infested Las Vegas was to rescue her friend Geeta. She risked not only her life, but the lives of her comrades to save Geeta, which she eventually did. However, all was for naught as Kate's BFF died anyway.

Geeta's death in of itself wasn't visually brutal, but it was narratively savage. The entire film had on overbearing sense of nihilism to it. Every character but Kate met a grisly fate in which, for the most part, they did not deserve. But, the death of Geeta, and Scott's death following shortly after, solidified the movie's pessimistic outlook.

The survivors would have more than likely been able to escape if Kate hadn't had to run off and get her friend. It's understandable why she did, but it's by doing so that lead to the eventual death of her father and Peters. What Geeta's death represented was the idea that sometimes the road to hell really is paved with good intentions.