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Every James Bond Girl Ranked From Worst To Best

There have been quite a few terrible Bond Girls over the years, but none of them are as bad as Stacy Sutton (Tanya Roberts), who is the lead Bond Girl of A View to a Kill.

Truly, Stacy - a geologist who, when Bond first meets her, is locked a legal battle with main villain Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) - is one of the worst Bond movie characters ever, Bond Girl or otherwise.

She's excruciatingly annoying, atrociously played, doesn't really do anything in the film (aside from delivering a bit of geology-based exposition) and is nothing more than an agency-free damsel-in-distress who's damn-near impossible to care about or root for.

Stacy also doesn't have nearly enough chemistry with Bond, although that wasn't helped by the 27-year age gap between Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts.

As for any moment where she starts screaming "James! James! JAMES!", those moments are more painful than a migraine.

Basically, she's a character who genuinely makes every moment she's on-screen unpleasant to watch and the one positive that can be said here is that it's very unlikely we'll ever get a worse Bond Girl. It's hard to imagine anyone being worse, anyhow.