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10 Best RPG Villains Of All Time

Kicking this list off is the criminally underrated Vagrant Story. A game that, despite high acclaim, never saw more after its first offering.

Lament aside, it did give us both a memorable setting and some stellar storytelling at the start of the millennium. The city of Lea Monde offered a wealth of sinister intent and nasty surprises, but all that pales in comparison to the presence of Sydney Losstarot.

As the enigmatic leader of Mullenkamp, a cult out to learn the secrets of Lea Monde, Sydney is a powerful and elusive antagonist.

Yet as the story develops, you learn of Sydney's real motivation: he is actually the Duke's son, and is trying to rid the curse of the Dark that plagues his family. Having it used to save him from a terminal illness, Sydney secretly strives to repay the debt his father earned by passing on the evil.

He may not be the endgame villain you expect, but for the majority of the story we're led to believe he is. Which in itself is an impressive feat, kudos to Square on that one.

See, told you it wasn't always black and white.