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10 Best Video Games Set In England

Developed by Ready at Dawn, The Order: 1886 was one of the first glimpses most players had at the capabilities of the new PS4 console, revolving around an elite group of monster hunters in an alternative steampunk London.

Set during the height of the industrial revolution, the game does a solid job in producing a world that captures the feel of the 19th century, with just enough technological and fantastical elements to keep things feeling fresh throughout.

And as a demonstration of the technical performance of the console, The Order also stands up pretty well. Mainly revolving around cover-based shootouts through tight linear areas, the game also features some decent quicktime events and melee sequences to keep things ticking over.

If anything, there's not enough of The Order: 1886 to enjoy. A single-player game that only takes anywhere between eight to ten hours to complete, there's no escaping the fact that this does just have that demo feel hanging over it.

Many claimed that the game's sparse content (at full price) was a case of putting quality over quantity, but it's always natural for players to be left wanting more when a game has so much potential.