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10 Gaming Franchises That Deserve The Anime Treatment

On the surface, this game looks like a pretty yet standard sci-fi experience. But, it's a complex and well-written exploration of consciousness and life, taking the time not just to have fun but to tell a complicated story. Thus, it's the kind of thing that could find plenty of life in a long-form animated series that explores all facets of the world and its themes.

Nier: Automata was released in 2017 and went on to garner immense amounts of critical acclaim. Besides the profound and layered exploration of what it means to live and die, the game has a luscious visual appeal that almost feels like a futuristic take on the gothic style. It's dark, stylish, and infused with that classic JRPG look, making it a shoo-in for anime.

Although the gameplay is - of course - a big part of the game, the focus on storytelling and the unique narrative perspective means that you can get lost in this world. There's also plenty of material to adapt in Nier: Automata and lore to be found in other games/spin-offs from the series, including Drakengard, Replicant and Gestalt.