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10 Most Powerful Artefacts Lara Croft Has Ever Found

In her first outing in the Top Cow comic series from the late 90s and early 00s, Lara is sent on a quest to find the fabled Medusa Mask, which is fashioned from gold and said to give the wearer the ability to kill with a look.

The story follows Lara as she is hired to find the mask and sets off on a thrilling journey accompanied by Compton, her family’s old friend and bodyguard. Along the way she is reunited with her old love, Chase Carver, who is nothing but trouble and the two of them escape dangerous enemies who blow up a factory and apparently kill Compton.

Eventually, Lara and Carver find the cave where the mask has been waiting for centuries - still on the face of its last wearer, who sits on a throne suspended above a pit of fire. In a surprising twist, Compton returns and reveals that he hated the Crofts because he was never repaid for all he did for them.

He puts the mask on and attempts to kill Lara but Medusa is awoken and possesses him. Lara swiftly puts him down and escapes with the mask. She gives it to the people who hired her to find it but warns them to never put it on, which seems a bit irresponsible really.