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10 Most Shocking E3 Reveals EVER

Celebrity appearances at E3 have a tendency to be ultra-cringe-worthy, though Keanu Reeves' surprise presence at Microsoft's 2019 conference was the exact opposite of that.

After a glossy new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 revealed that the actor would be starring in the game, the Matrix and John Wick star hit the show floor to greet the audience.

Unsurprisingly the crowd response was rapturous, aided by Reeves' sheer magnetism and the instantly iconic utterance of "You're breathtaking!" to an overzealous crowd member.

The fact that Reeves' involvement with the game was kept so thoroughly under wraps only made his appearance at the show that much more flabbergasting.

That he seemed genuinely excited about the game - rather than another clueless celeb just collecting a paycheck - made it all the better.