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10 Secret NPCs Hidden In Video Games

One of the biggest complaints about Fallout 76 upon launch was the total lack of human NPCs in the game's sprawling open world, yet a few months after release players stumbled upon one hidden within a secret room.

Players eventually discovered they could glitch their way into a concealed "developer room" - a room which Bethesda's dev team would use to test out various aspects of the game.

Beyond including every in-game item, the room also housed a single, solitary human NPC by the name of Wooby, who presumably exists solely for the developers to test weapons out on. In an existential sense, that's totally horrifying.

Once word got out that there was a lone human NPC in the game, Bethesda began suspending the accounts of players who entered the developer room, and later patched out the ability to access it entirely.

After much player hand-wringing, Bethesda did at least finally add "real" human NPCs to the game in its Wastelanders update. Even so, we'll never forget you, Wooby.