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10 Times DLC Saved Broken Video Games

The toughest thing Fallout 4 had to deal with was following the titles that came before it. Fallout 3 and New Vegas had a great sense of depth and openness in how each playthrough would transpire. Fallout 4, in comparison, completely faltered when examined under a microscope (as Todd Howard himself has admitted some of its flaws, including the dialogue system). Worst of all, the game simply lacked a ton of intrigue and super interesting locations (with all-too-few exceptions).

However, through the majesty of FO4's pricey season pass came Far Harbor, which easily became the game's standout section. From Mirelurk queens to the simply awesome harpoon guns, the entirety of the FH map was full of intriguing concepts and secrets to uncover. All of this, while having its own standalone plotline that keeps you interested throughout without ever straying your focus with side activities.

It served as a great representation of Bethesda Game Studios at its post-apocalyptic best. Darkly comic tone, inventive missions, all within an environment that feels delightfully fresh. If only the entire game maintained the same level of inspiration and creativity.