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10 Video Game Sequels That Made Everything Worse

After Resident Evil 4 thoroughly revitalised the survival horror franchise with its over-the-shoulder combat and more expansive locations, Resident Evil 5 began pivoting the series further towards action while de-emphasising the horror aspect.

Resident Evil 6, then, saw Capcom commit fully to a new era for the franchise, where genuine atmosphere and terror was bafflingly scarce, replaced with comically over-the-top, Michael Bay-aping set-pieces that left little lasting impression.

Add to this a bloated single-player mode comprised of several over-extended mini-campaigns, and the result is game that simply strayed too far from the rejuvenating brilliance of RE4.

While Leon's campaign at least attempted to homage Resident Evil's earlier years, the game as a whole feels uneven and schizophrenic, and is in turn unlikely to fully satisfy either the action or horror crowds.

On the plus side, its divisiveness eventually led Capcom to give the series a soft-reboot with the brilliant Resident Evil 7, which by returning to its survival horror roots and radically unfolding from a first-person perspective, was a game-changer for the better.