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10 Video Games That FORCED You To Be Cruel

The beasts and baddies of the Lord Of The Rings universe may indeed be a horrible lot, threatening to either kill you or eat you at any given moment (or indeed both when the meat's back on the menu), however, it still feels pretty horrible each and every time you're given the option to "shame" one of these rampaging rotters in the fantastic Shadow Of War title.

"Shaming" in this sense sees our pair of heroes dominate the mind of one of their defeated Uruk-Hai enemies in such a manner that it quite literally obliterates their brain and lowers their rank by five, or by ten with some naughty nifty upgrades.

However, when the other options available to you involve turning the former enemy into an ally, it becomes very questionable as to why you'd even perform such a horrible action, especially seeing as it leaves the victim in an almost catatonic or deranged state.

Hell, if you do it enough you can quite literally ZOMBIFY an enemy. So why commit such a cruel act?

Well mainly because in the first instance, the game FORCES you to use this power. Unable to proceed by any other means you have to literally break the will of an Uruk captain known as Bruz, and the game even notes this as being a fate worse than death. Horrifying and unavoidably cruel.