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10 Video Games That Missed Out The Money Shot

Metal Gear Solid 2 concludes with Arsenal Gear, a gigantic submersible mobile fortress, running aground and crashing into Manhattan, though Hideo Kojima's original vision for this sequence was considerably more epic and destructive.

Beyond showing more extensive carnage as Arsenal Gear careens through Manhattan, the scene was also supposed to feature the vehicle knocking the Statue of Liberty over and pushing it onto Ellis Island.

Yet less than two months before the game's release the 9/11 attacks took place, and so Kojima and his team had to act fast in order to tone down the game's unavoidably untimely depiction of a destructive terrorist act in New York City.

While Kojima certainly made the right decision for the time, it's a shame that the full sequence has never been restored in a Director's Cut of the game, because from the brief snippets that Konami has revealed to date it sure seems like a lot of effort went into it.