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12 Most Disturbing Gaming Boss Battles Of All Time

As gamers of a certain age will remember, The House of The Dead series has never messed around when it comes to boss battles. Each of the grim and grisly monstrosities the player faces at the end of the stages are named after Tarot cards, and the Fool is a particularly horrifying customer.

Generally speaking, sloths are fairly lovable, harmless creatures. After all, any animal that grows mold on its body because it barely moves and sleeps up to around 20 hours a day is an absolute lifestyle goal we can all empathise with. This particular sloth, however, is the stuff of nightmares.

The player meets this monstrosity in either chapter two, three or four of the third game in the series (which had regular enemies that were awful enough, as pictured here).

Finding themselves in its cage, players discover that this thing has a delightful taste for human flesh and is more agile than a regular sloth could ever dream of being. Its razor-sharp claws are its weak point, but they're tough to hit as this thing marauds around the walls shaking its cage, sending human bodies cascading down on you.

Did you notice the super-sharp nature of those claws? Of course you did. The fact that this creature is a lot more real than many ghastly House of the Dead bosses (in the sense that it's a 'real' animal) just emphasises how disturbing it is.