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8 Video Games That Deleted Your Save Data Just For Fun

This one is probably the most famous entry in this list, considering publishers Square Enix have done this not once - but TWICE.

In the original Nier, you can only fully complete Ending D if you commit to erasing the titular character Nier from existence. You're warned three times that following through with this will delete your save file, and committing to it erases every character's memory of Nier entirely. It doesn't even let you use the same name for your save file should you start again.

Nier: Automata takes this a step further in Ending E, should you choose to fight the final boss. The boss is horribly unfair, borderline undefeatable, and it doesn't help that the game chastises you throughout the fight. But eventually, messages will start to appear from players that managed to defeat the boss - informing you that victory is indeed possible.

Eventually one of these players will even come to your aid, granting you a massive powerup. Once you win, you're told the people that helped you had to delete their own save files as recompense, and if you want to help others to do the same you too will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.