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8 Video Games That Mocked Themselves

While Nuts and Bolts tried to take the piss out of itself for the laughs, it ended up wetting its trousers and pointing to its own crotch, yelling “THIS IS FUN RIGHT GUYS?”

I’m speaking of course about the opening ten minutes of the game, which so horrendously mock the tropes that the franchise was known for at this time.

The idea was clearly to show the player that the devs were well aware of the “”collect-a-thon” gimmick fans had labeled Rare’s previous titles with, thanks to the sheer amount of items gamers were asked to hunt down, but did so in a way that was utterly obnoxious.

Filling the screen with so much shiny gold that even Smaug said “that’s a bit gaudy”, the Lord Of Games asks us how anyone found collecting things fun at all, seemingly forgetting that it’s not the object-collecting itself that’s fun but the level design and emergent puzzle-solving instead. It's a moment so on-the-nose, it bloody breaks it.