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8 Video Games That Won't Let You Quit!

Now, speaking from the perspective of a person who's completed Psychonauts 2 100% and loved every single second of it, I wasn't even aware of this sneaky little easter egg that can be found in the last level of the game should the player try and quit out of the final dungeon.

Without spoiling this quite literal mind bender of an adventure, the final level or stage of the game is one that really does demand all of your attention, to the point that the game mentions that once you venture into it that there's no way back. This should be your first indication that the title is going to try and slap your hand away from the "quit" button should you be tempted, but actually goes about things in a rather brilliant way.

You see throughout the franchise, you've had the option to use "Smelling Salts" in order to eject yourself from whoever's mind you're snooping about in, but here, in the final area, should you try and crack this stinky egg, Ford Cruller will emerge from your ear and spit out the smelling salts denying you the chance to quit!

It's a wonderful moment, and totally in keeping with the silly and surreal nature of this brilliant title.