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Skyrim: 16 Best Mods Of All Time

Bethesda games are notoriously buggy and Skyrim is no exception. The company have released multiple patches to fix this but there are always more to find, and at this point it's part of the experience.

However, it's given the modders of Skyrim something to work on throughout the years, so a group of them have been running through the code in an effort to fix every known bug, from minor to game-breaking.

The Unofficial Skyrim Patch has had numerous updates throughout the years, especially after the releases of the official DLC packs, and after 10 years of ironing and stitching the game has never run smoother.

The work of the modding community has started a precedent though, in that companies will release unpolished games with the mindset of "the fans will fix it" (*cough* Cyberpunk).

Although Skyrim was nowhere near a broken game upon release, it's good to know the fans will do everything to get it in the best working order possible.