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10 Best Rock Comeback Albums

For any band looking to build themselves back up, it's always that much harder when you're down one of your members. Since no one is operating at full capacity any more, you're going to need to dig a little bit deeper to come up with goods.

Even with Chi Cheng's untimely passing though, Deftones made their return look damn near easy on Diamond Eyes.

Coming off of the contentious sounds of Saturday Night Wrist, this is the return to form that most of us had been waiting for since the days of White Pony. While stuff like the self titled record were experimental for what they were and played with what Deftones could really do, this is where we start to see the real fruits of their labor pay off in spades.

As opposed to just spending 40 minutes tearing our heads off with one banger after another, there are a few more nods to genres like shoegaze and even post rock in places. This is still a metal record at the end of the day though, and songs like You've Seen the Butcher are still some of the crunchiest things that the band would ever make.

Compared to the dark atmosphere that we normally get from Deftones, this is the closest they've come to actually making a picture in your mind with sound.