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10 Greatest Hair Metal Albums Of All Time

When bringing up the absolute worst of hair metal, Poison is usually one of the first bands that people like to point and laugh at. It's not like they haven't warranted that title either, given the amount of cringy stuff that Bret Michaels has been affiliated with over the years. On their first record though, Look What the Cat Dragged In was just a feel good time all around .

The beauty behind a record like this is just how different it sounds when compared to Poison's other work. Since most of their later period would show them getting a little too strange for their own good, the amount of hooks on this record feels like AC/DC by way of Wham!, and it ends up going over like gangbusters. While none of these people are going to be the best at their instruments by a longshot, they can write hooks like nobody's business.

For every cringy time someone tries to throw on something like Every Rose Has Its Thorn at a karaoke bar, there are always songs like Talk Dirty To Me and I Want Action that make this record well worth your time. Even if the rest of their catalog can get a bit spotty, hearing these guys young and hungry on the streets of LA still makes for one hell of a party.