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10 Legendary Rock Bands That Got Darker Over Time

It's time that Judas Priest get the mantle that they deserve for creating heavy metal. Yes, Black Sabbath may have given birth to the idea of heavy music, but the Priest were the first ones that identified as heavy metal and were damn proud to fly the flag. And thank God they did if you look at where they started out.

Before Rob Halford was even in the band, Judas Priest were still one of the more forgettable acts in the English rock scene, having a sound that felt more in line with the hippy movement of the late '60s than anything remotely called heavy metal. Once the metal Pavarotti got behind the mic, the entire thing started to shift, with Sad Wings of Destiny marking the beginning of Priest's classic sound on the song Victim of Changes.

As the years went on, Priest also deserve credit for getting heavier with the times, adopting the more hard edged sound of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal on albums like Screaming for Vengeance and going for something that could tear your face on Painkiller. Along the way, Halford has even kept up his dark streak in projects like Two, which went for a much more industrial sound than what we were used to hearing from him. Since the band is still firing on all cylinders after the album Firepower, Priest seem just as devoted to heaviness as they were in the beginning and are doing their best to preach it to the faithful across the land.