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10 Most-Viewed YouTube Videos Of All Time - Ranked

Upload date: January 31, 2012

Total views: 2,611,491,927

The only non-music video to break into YouTube's all-time top 10 is a strange little Russian cartoon called Masha And The Bear. An episode from its first season called Recipe For Disaster has somehow racked up more hits than anything Disney or Warner Bros has put out on the streaming service.

Who knows how a video about a retired circus bear whose plans for a quiet retirement in the woods go awry when he crosses paths with a girl called Masha earned more than two and a half billion hits from viewers around the world? It's daft, lighthearted and completely oddball, yet has somehow beaten the stuffing out of everything from Mickey Mouse to The Simpsons on the world's biggest internet video platform.

Fun fact: Due to its popularity on YouTube, Universal snapped up the rights to air an English version of Masha And The Bear in the US. It has also been distributed in Italy, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and China.