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10 Worst Ways People Have Been Tortured To Death

Of all the ways people have thought up to kill someone, scaphism is probably the most disgusting. This method of torture was often called "The Boats" and was used by the ancient Persians for the sole purpose of a lengthy execution.

The victim was placed within a floating raft or enclosed barrel with their limbs tied to the sides so they couldn't move. They were force-fed milk and honey until they filled their enclosure with diarrhea — this could take the better part of a day or more to accomplish.

Their waste attracted vermin including flies, worms, parasites, and other insects that would feast on the waste while laying eggs on, around, and inside the victim who could barely move to stop it. What resulted was the victim's death as a result of a combination of factors: exposure, intense pain from insects burrowing inside their bodies, and septic shock. Death could take as long as two to three weeks in extreme cases.

The historical account of Persian scaphism comes from Plutarch's description of the execution of Mithridates who is said to have taken 17 days to expire. Later chroniclers of the time period describe the detailed torture of others using this horrific method.