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10 Anime Deaths You Didn't See Coming

The Flame Hashira Rengoku does not have much time in the spotlight, yet he quickly became a fan favorite. Given this very fact alone, it will be surprising for anyone that such a character dies so quickly, without several seasons' worth of character development.

Even more so, given that Demon Slayer is very much a traditional shounen. Most main cast deaths only occur after a significant time has passed, giving the audience time to fully understand and appreciate them.

Rengoku is pivotal as the Flame Hashira to Tanjiro's search for information on his family's Dance of the Fire God technique, as he is the only lead Tanjiro had. Thankfully, he manages to impart another lead with his dying breath.

Even more shocking is how such a powerful demon slayer dies fighting a demon, the Upper Moon Three, Akaza; everything he has displayed up until this point is complete confidence, overwhelming power, and complete mastery over his abilities due to excessive training.

Rengoku's resolute spirit, his dedication to protecting his juniors as a Hashira should, and his will to never despair leaves a mark on many people who have just grown to like his character.