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10 Red Dwarf Fates Worse Than Death

Let's be honest, Acting Science Officer and Red Dwarf sanitation droid Kryten has has had a difficult life, but virtually every mechanoid introduced in the series seemingly has a less than perfect existence by comparison to their human(oid) counterparts.

Series 12's "Siliconia" showed that even mechs have a brutally unfair class system, The Last Day implies every mech has a known shutdown date and best not to mention scrubbing the gussets of Mr Lister's long johns.

Programmed to serve, knowing precisely when you're going to die, and a massive chance of being considered a second class citizen for the shape of your head, is no way to live - and you'd probably rather not.

Far short of a nipple nut that can pick up Jazz FM and a rather impressive groinal attachment, there really is no upside to being a mechanoid. And given the Red Dwarf universe has demonstrated technology that can take a human's consciousness and transfer it to the body of a droid, the future may not be as bright as we think.