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10 Star Trek Episodes That Just Didn't Work

This is one episode where everything seemed to go wrong from the beginning. The script was poor. The idea of two parallel men battling for all eternity should have received a better sense of grandiose than it did, while in fact, the story is quite dull. Robert Brown, who plays both men, had a very difficult time on the set.

He was a literal last-minute replacement for John Barrymore, who simply didn't show up for work on the morning he was due to begin filming. The episode began shooting regardless, focusing on the scenes that didn't involve his character. The next day, Brown was cast and then flung onto the set to begin his scenes.

The effects were poor for the time, though of course, they have received a boost in the remastered edition. The acting was wooden. While there is a lot of sympathy toward Brown here, the episode is still a slog to get through. It is incoherent and rambling, rivalling Spock's Brain for the worst episode of the Original Series.