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10 Times Star Trek Reused Props To Cut Corners

The 'bird' sculptures are among the most re-used props in Star Trek: The Next Generation, making their debut appearance in Encounter At Farpoint, which the audience's first clue that they were going to be a mainstay. They are sitting above a plinth in Q's courtroom and would return seven years later in All Good Things.

The next time that they were seen, it was in Karras' office in the episode Too Short A Season. This first-season episode featured Admiral Mark Jamison, one of Star Trek's many dodgy Starfleet admirals along the way. He takes medicine that allows him to de-age, which is a slightly re-worked version of the plot of The Counter-Clock Incident, from the Animated Series. This was a case where it wasn't only props getting reused.

The sculptures are then seen again in the fifth season. In the episode Unification II, they are table ornaments in the bar on Qualor II. They are that incredibly robust and handy type of accoutrement to any household decoration really, as the set designers must have felt that they belonged in any setting, be it Starfleet, insurrectionists or courtroom!