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10 TV Shows You Didn't Know Shared The Same Sets

Two HUGE 90s sitcoms!

The sets from Friends are probably the most recognisable television sets of all time. They're been recreated in several countries as pop-up attractions for fans to visit and the iconic design aesthetic has inspired countless merchandise sets. From make-up to home wear, Friends' quirky look can be found in almost every shop you go to and that iconic purple door with the yellow pop-art photo frame is ingrained into the brain of pretty much every human being.

It's hard to imagine the set being used for anything but friends. I know what you're thinking: how could a set dresser look at the iconic apartment and think... this could be reworked for something else. It almost feels like a betrayal. Well, don't worry - this is not a story about another show stealing from one of the best sitcoms of all time. No. It's about Friends stealing a set from someone else and making it ten... times... BETTER.

The original set for the girls' apartment and the hallway between theirs and the boys' was actually used in Full House - which is actually kind of hilarious when you think about it. The concept of Full House was exactly that a, family house that was FULL. So to then reuse that set for an apartment building, that's supposed to house 100s of people, is actually kind of genius. It just gets funnier when you think that the staircase set functions as both a large apartment block's staircase AND a a family home's and no one once bats an eye about it. Genius!