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10 X-Files Episodes That Should Have Been Horror Movies

Even in its earliest days, The X-Files was not afraid to tackle taboo subject matter and season two's 'Irresistible' is undoubtedly one of the show's most disturbing chapters. In which Mulder and Scully were tasked with capturing Donnie Pfaster, a man with a rather troubling fascination with corpses.

Donnie is what's known as a 'death fetishist', not an outright necrophile (although, in the original script he was) but someone who actively derives pleasure and stimulus from the dead; as well as the inherent theatricality of funeral practices, i.e. coffins and wreaths. It's this fascination and attraction to corpses that drives him to do the things that he does, which could make for an interesting - if not incredibly macabre - character study if handled correctly.

Whilst there's nothing inherently supernatural about Pfaster, there are moments where his victims hallucinate that he's an imposing, demon-like figure. This element isn't fully explored in the episode, so we're left wondering whether Pfaster is truly human or not, which would make for an unsettling mix of both psychological horror and traditional monster movie tropes if he made the leap to the big screen.

A sequel episode was made, but the less said about that the better...