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Loki Episode 1: 8 Biggest Questions

Let's start with a question posed by the titular character himself after seeing the power of the Time Variance Authority. He had been stripped of his magical powers, he could have been erased from the universe in an instant, and he was well and truly trapped.

However, it wasn't until he saw the drawer full of useless and powerless Infinity Stones that he was able to sit back and appreciate the unrivaled power of the organization. Maybe they really were created by a trio of god-like space lizards to maintain the sacred timeline, and just maybe he really had more than met his match.

He described them as formidable, but that appears to be the understatement of the MCU so far. For the last 13 years, the Infinity Stones have been built up as the most powerful items in the universe, taking Thanos to the levels of basically being a god, but even he would have been rendered powerless by the TVA with ease.

There have been some wonderfully strong beings, artefacts, and characters littered across the MCU so far, but it could be that Loki just introduced the most powerful of all, and by some margin.