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10 Annoying Traits That Are RUINING WWE Characters

WWE's announcers would tell you that Nikki Cross scored "huge" wins over Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair two weeks on the trot. In reality, the pint-sized Scottish dynamo lasted two minutes against both in 'Beat The Clock' challenges.

Then, she ran around the ring like she'd won the Royal Rumble.

Cross is being portrayed as somebody who is totally out of her depth against the best women on the roster. There's a disconnect here, because Nikki is a two-time Women's Tag-Team Champ and was previously painted as a plucky underdog who, whilst smaller, could get the job done. Before that, she was a nightmare made flesh in SAnitY.

Now, Ripley and Flair speak about Nikki in promos like they're wrestling a child. It's odd, and it's doing nothing to present (the vastly experienced) Cross as someone who could someday challenge for the singles belts.

If she's out of her depth, then why is she even on Raw to begin with?