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10 Most Obscure Wrestling References In Hip Hop Songs

"I Jake the Snake ‘em, DDT ‘em in mausoleums."

Despite hip-hop allegedly being a young man's game, Run the Jewels have defied all the odds stacked against them to become one of the most loved rap groups in modern hip-hop history.

El-P and Killer Mike appeal has always been to the type of fans who love the iteration of rap that focuses on witty punchlines, clever word plays and hilarious braggadocios claims and "Blockbuster Night Pt. 1" is a perfect example of that.

During the song's third verse, the duo go back-and-forth with each other, trading lines with each other effortlessly. Using his bars to create humorous depictions of cartoonish violence, Killer Mike references WWE Hall of Famer, Jake Roberts, explaining how he uses Robert's finisher to demolish any other rappers who might threaten him. While it's a relatively simple line, anyone who loved Jake The Snake will struggle not to smile at the shout out.