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10 Most Vicious Personal Insults In Wrestling History

A great personal insult targets the specific insecurities and misplaced pride of the victim. Scott Steiner grasped this even better than he did a suplex when annihilating Ric Flair in the wildest west of WCW in 2000.

Flair thought he was ageless. He felt that the spotlight preserved him somehow. "Oldest ride, longest line" wasn't just a catchphrase because he lived the gimmick and couldn't let it go.

By 2000, he was no longer the picture of a real World's Champion. He had aged, but the man who flailed better than most under the pain of a reversed figure-four leglock wouldn't sell the ravages of time. He looked like an old man. Steiner knew that, and let him have it. Steiner's no-f*cks disposition and sneaky wit informed the brutality.

Steiner said that Flair had "more loose skin than a shar pei puppy," which was so vicious and vivid that it was impossible to un-see the image. He also said that, for all the money Flair pissed away in his prime years, he should have sold the jet and taken a cab to "fix his crooked yellow teeth".

Flair would have rather taken a Steiner Screwdriver on a scissors board.