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10 Rip Off Wrestling Gimmicks (That Messed Up What They Copied)

Did anyone really expect this to work? Sure, immediately feuding with Bray Wyatt at his least relevant wasn't exactly the hottest start, but you'd have to be a major supporter of WWE to say that there was hope for 'Woken' Matt Hardy. The tentative noise surrounding the character's arrival alone was an indictment of WWE creativity. If ever there was an example of the lack of faith that fans have in the world's largest wrestling promotion, this was it.

Still, there was the faint hope that WWE might get this right. All the company needed to do was allow Matt Hardy to go whole hog on the gimmick, utilising that massive budget in the process, right? Come to think of it, just what was Matt Hardy capable of with a blank cheque?

We never got to find out, because WWE was and is incapable of fathoming the subtlety required to make such gimmicks work. 'Broken' Matt Hardy was fantastic for a number of reasons, not least Hardy's commitment to the wackiness of it all, but it was the unspoken words that spoke the loudest. 'Broken' Matt Hardy didn't need to explain every reference to you, the viewer. 'Woken' Matt Hardy fell into the same trap that all WWE characters tend to; an obsession with WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE, and a total inability to leave some things left unsaid.