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8 Times Vince McMahon Regretted Huge WWE Contracts

For those who grew up watching him on their screens, there really was no presence quite like the Ultimate Warrior. But for those same facepaint-adorned, tassle-wearing kids of the '80s and '90s, there was the realisation in later life that Warrior was a racist, homophobic, generally xenophobic false hero.

Zeroing back in on the point of this article, the contract that Vince McMahon would've regretted the most when dealing with Warrior was the deal that the Ultimate One was signed to back in 1996.

Having spent the best part of four years out of the company, Warrior returned to action with a squash match victory over Hunter Hearst Helmsley at WrestleMania XII. McMahon truly hoped to spearhead his attack on WCW with Warrior front-and-centre in fresh match-ups against the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, and so Vince agreed to pay Warrior a $1 million salary, allow him to work just 14 shows a month, and pay the Parts Unknown native an additional $2,500 for each show he attended.

Of course, Warrior being Warrior, Vince was soon left to rue his decision to bring back the former WWF Champion. Barely four months later, Warrior was gone from the company for no-showing numerous events.

Still, bizarrely, McMahon would again reach out and offer Warrior a five-year contract the following year - albeit on lesser base pay.