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All WWE Horror Movies Ranked Worst To... Less Bad

To start with the most egregious issue, this film is dark.

You frequently can't see protagonist Terrence Shade's face, and later shots are entirely shrouded in black with only a dim light bulb in the background to assure you that your screen isn't broken.

Second, nothing really happens in this movie. Most of the film's energy goes to its Lifetime-style flashbacks of Shade's deceased wife.

These lead slowly up to her death as if you should be expecting a big reveal, maybe even a twist that ties into the current narrative. But no. She lived a boring life and died a boring death, and a boring movie spends eighty minutes boring you about it.

The frustrating part is that the film had potential. Eric McCormack (of Will and Grace fame) actually puts forth a surprisingly decent performance for a genre that doesn't seem suited to him.

Even with the lame twist ending, the journey leading up to it could have really been enjoyable just for the sake of watching Shade and his children navigate their grief together on a haunted holiday in the forest. There's so nearly a decent movie to be found here, but Barricade always keeps you just on the other side of it.